• CaringBridge

    Anne Arundel Medical Center is proud to offer patients and family members CaringBridge.

    What is CaringBridge?

    CaringBridge is a non-profit providing free websites that connect families and friends when someone is facing a significant health challenge. A CaringBridge website saves time and energy by centralizing communication and easing the burden of updating everyone during a health event.

    What is a CaringBridge website?

    CaringBridge can be used during all types of serious health events. It allows you to push updates to your family and friends all at the same time instead of multiple calls and questions. Each website is unique – authors select their website design and add health updates and photos to share their story. Visitors are able to leave messages of love and support in the guestbook. CaringBridge allows you to communicate in a private and ad-free environment. Learn all the features and how it works.

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